Getting There And Away

Flight From Denpasar To Labuanbajo

At the airport in Bali my adventure already starts

Once again I travel with NAM-Air, a subsidiary of Sriwijaya Airlines. Well, I'll be at the airport early. You never know. Lo and behold, the departure time has been changed. For the time being half an hour earlier.

Delighted too soon. Somewhat later the flight is rescheduled again. However, now to an hour after the scheduled departure. Finally we take off with an hour and a half delay. Never mind. After all, I'm on holiday. In Switzerland not everything always works out either.

The flight only takes an hour. Everything is quiet. Happy landing included. At the new Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo I take my lightweight luggage off the belt. Kaum draussen werde ich von "Transport, Taxi, Transport"-rufen ├╝berflutet. General laughter when I say that I will be staying at the hotel just opposite the airport.

Exotic Hotel Labuanbajo

Excellent for Flight Spotters

I booked my overnight stay at the Exotic Hotel a few days in advance. However, if I stay longer in Labuanbajo, I prefer a hotel downtown with stunning views over the bay.

At check-in I booked the bus ticket for the next day to Ruteng. The very friendly staff at the reception of the hotel did that for me courteously. Superb.

The room is spacious, bright and brand new. That's why everything still works flawlessly. When compared to Bali, the standard on Flores is somewhat lower.

Something small, but fine, I eat in the Warung Kopi Mane, 200 hundred meters down the road. This is a branch of my friend Pak Bony from Ruteng.

The Exotic Hotel also runs a restaurant and a souvenir shop. They're aware of their exposed location. The prices in the restaurant are above average.